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A Year In Photography

Posted in photography by Ruth on March 24, 2011

Paul Fusco. 1968


Posted in photography, Photojournalism, Social Documentary by Ruth on March 23, 2011

I am currently looking for a job, and if you have been paying attention to the news of late, you will know its near impossible at the moment for young people. So because of this I have decided to keep at my blog as it has been neglected recently. I have always thought that I wanted to get into gallery work, I have always dreamed of owning my own art gallery in Paris, though I not planning on giving up on that dream anytime soon, I feel I need to concentrate on what I want to do with my life right now. It suddenly occured to me that I have been missing obvious clues to what I what to do with my career. At university I used my photography to explore social and enviromental issues effecting our lives and in my dissertation I addressed the issues of the way photography is presented in the mass media. Taking this into consideration I have decided that I want to get into photojournalism. At the moment I am starting a project on the protests against a incinerator being built in my community, I am using a documentary approach but as it is a current issue I think it borders the line between documentary and journalism.

Anyone that has any ideas on how to approach a career like this and get a foot in the door, your comments are welcome.

On a different note, At christmas I was lucky enough to get a copy of ‘A Year In Photography’, for those that haven’t seen the book, it contains 365 photography, each one taken on a different day of the year. Today was Chris Steele-Perkins:

Tarkovsky’s Polaroids.

Posted in film, photography by Ruth on October 1, 2010

Just purchased the book Instant Light Tarkovsky’s Polaroids. Here are a few images from the film maker. They all have a cinematic quality, really reflects Tarkovsky’s talent.

New kit

Posted in photography, RuthElizabeth by Ruth on September 20, 2010

Finally got sorted with a new kit as I can’t just rent from uni anymore. So hopefully can get back on track with photography now.


Posted in photography, RuthElizabeth by Ruth on July 25, 2010

I have officially graduated and am now a part of the real world.


Posted in 18% Grey, Exhibitions, photography by Ruth on June 22, 2010

Tonight. 6pm. Cube. Manchester.

Be There.

Amber Rose Ortolano.

Posted in photography by Ruth on June 20, 2010

I can’t believe this girl is only 13.

Blackpool Graduate Show

Posted in 18% Grey, Exhibitions, photography by Ruth on June 18, 2010

The Blackpool Graduate show opens on Tuesday 22nd June, Private View 6-9pm at Cube Gallery Manchester.

Image copyright of Catherine Scrivener.!/event.php?eid=120628107978242&ref=ts


Posted in photography, RuthElizabeth by Ruth on June 5, 2010

Last weekend I went to a small place just outside blackpool called Hambleton, got a few images that I like.

This first image is my favourite from the day, I like the comparisom between nature and buildings. The buildings in the back looks really out of place. This is something I regularlyexplore in my work.

All images copyright of Ruth Elizabeth Richmond 2010

All images copyright Ruth Elizabeth Richmond 2010

Rune Guneriussen.

Posted in photography by Ruth on June 3, 2010

My housemate showed me this photographer, and i absolutely loved the images.